How to Remap Buttons on Your PlayStation 4’s Controller

How to Remap Buttons on Your PlayStation 4’s Controller

Sony’s PlayStation 4 offers key remapping because of its DualShock 4 controllers. It more comfortable if you don’t like a game’s control scheme, you’re free to switch the buttons around and make. The overall game doesn’t also need to offer a unique button-remapping.

There’s a g d chance you’ll never stumble on this function about it somewhere, as Sony categorizes this as an “accessibility” feature unless you hear. Here’s what you need to learn about how it functions

  • This modification is created at the operating-system level, and games aren’t conscious of it. For instance, let’s say you’re playing a game and the prompts that are on-screen you to press “X.” You to press “X if you’ve remapped the Circle button to function as X, the game will still tell.” However, you’ll actually need to press the Circle switch on your controller. The PS4 will send an “X” then input to the game. Games aren’t conscious you’ve mapped as which that you’ve remapped buttons, so you’ll need to remember which button.
  • Your new switch mapping layout affects all games. You can’t just change a profile for just one game that is specific. Nevertheless, it is possible to quickly enable or disable your custom button mappings through the Settings display screen if you wish to disable it for several games.
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  • Each account has its own button-remapping settings. For those who have numerous pages on your PS4, you’ll configure key remapping on a single profile and it won’t affect other individual pages.

Understanding that, let’s mention how exactly to attempt. Continue reading “How to Remap Buttons on Your PlayStation 4’s Controller”